Use of water swelling profile at construction joint

waterstop hydrotite for construction joints

Scope of work:
Construction joint sealing with hydrophilic rubber profile bonded to concrete with water swelling polyurethane based adhesive.

Sika Hydrotite CJ type:
• Hydrophilic rubber sealing profile
• Made of high durable material which can not be washed out by water.
• Specific shape profile which allow optimal expansion
• Treated with delay coating to preserve it from early expansion when in contact with freshly poured concrete
• Easy to place Sika Swell S2
• Extrudible water swelling material
• Use for bonding Sika Hydrotite CJ Type to concrete surface.


• Concrete surface shall be sound and solid, free of laitance, oil, dust, loose and friable particles
• Concrete shall be dry prior application of Sika Swell S2 material.


• Use Sika Swell S2 applied in thin bed to glue Sika Hydrotite CJ type to concrete substrate (consumption of Sika Swell S2 shall be approx. 30-50 ml per meter of Sika Hydrotite  CJ type depending on concrete roughness)
• Apply Sika Hydrotite CJ type to the still freshly applied Sika Swell S2.

• In meeting point (edge), butt joint the Sika Hydrotite CJ type and covered with Sika Swell  S2
• It is recommended to wait for min. 4 hours until Sika Swell S2 has sufficiently cured before to pour the new concrete. Meanwhile, the concrete formwork can be placed.

The minimum thickness of concrete around Sika Hydrotite CJ type should be at least 100 mm on each side.

Please Consult technical data sheet for further information.