Sikaflex Products for Marine Application

Marine Boat

Deck caulking

For timber decks that are completely watertight and weather resistant, Sika has developed Sikaflex 290 DC. Extremely easy to use, this one-part polyurethane deck caulking compound can be sanded flush with the deck when cured to give a beautifully neat, clean finish.


Resistant to weathering, seawater and ultra-violet radiation, Sikaflex 291 is the perfect all-rounder: an all-purpose flexible marine sealant that bonds extremely well to all the standard materials used in boat construction. Its outstanding elasticity ensures a durable, long-lasting seal.


Joints that are subject to extreme dynamic stresses require a high-strength elastic adhesive with good gap-filling capabilities. Sikaflex 292, with its excellent shock-absorbing and vibration-damping properties, has been specially developed to meet these requirements in the punishing marine environment. When your safety may depend on it, only the best is good enough.

Bonding of plastic glazing panels

This is an application that calls for a UV-resistant adhesive with a high degree of elasticity. Sikaflex 295 UV combines the necessary elasticity with exactly the right consistency to maintain the required bond line thickness, thus ensuring that thermal movements in plastic glazing panels are absorbed progressively, without undue build-up of stresses.

Bonding and sealing of mineral glass

Direct glazing of mineral glass requires a purpose designed adhesive with the right combination of application properties and performance characteristics. Sikaflex 296 is a fast curing high performance elastic polyurethane that is suitable for all types of mineral glass. It’s high UV resistance also makes it suitable for backfilling and sealing operations.

Bedding and bonding of panels and sheet materials.

Sikaflex 298 is a viscous, full-bodied adhesive that has been specially formulated for the waterproof, flexible bonding of timber strip decking, deck planking, plastic deck coverings and prefabricated timber deck panels. It is easy to work with, and gives professional results every time. The permanently elastic adhesive layer has a cushioning effect absorbing shocks and minimizing the transmission of impact sound.