Sikaflex In Marine Use

Benefits of Sikaflex for Marine Application:

Sika pioneered the development of one-component polyurethanes for marine use. Our global technical resources have enabled us to produce a wide range of products, each aimed at a specific marine application.Although the individual product characteristics vary, Sikaflex products all share the following features:
– One component
– no mixing necessary
– Excellent gap–filling capabilities
– Permanently elastic
– Can be sanded and overpainted
– Excellent non-sag properties
– High solids content, low V.O.C.
– Non-corrosive
– For use above or below the waterline
– All are specifically designed for marine use.

High-tech, High bond – Sikaflex meets all the requirements for marine use

When the marine industry specifies a product, durability is high on its list of requirements. And for the boat owner, durability is an essential prerequisite for the smooth running of the vessel, the untroubled enjoyment of passengers and the sheer joy of sailing. Whether at the wheel of a power boat or at the tiller of a sailing yacht: there’s nothing quite like that feeling of freedom when you’re out there on your own, facing the elements … or that feeling of total tranquillity with only the horizon ahead and blue skies above. Times like this make your boat a possession to cherish, and a valuable asset that you’ll want to protect against the elements for many years to come. Water leaks, in particular, can damage your prized possession, leaving unsightly marks along the hull and causing woodwork to rot and metal components to corrode. To avoid expensive repair bills, watertight seals are absolutely essential.

In the next articles, we will introduce you details of Sikaflex products for marine use.