Sikaflex in Boat Construction and Maintenance

sikaflex for boat constructionSince the middle of the 17th century, when the industrial revolution started, to the present day, the process of joining has changed dramatically. Nowadays the most advanced technology in marine is based on elastic adhesives. Historically no technique in ship building has evolved as strongly over the centuries as the technology of deck caulking.  In the early days, woollen or cotton caulking yarn, in combination with bituminous materials, were employed. Nowadays the use of elastomeric materials are  common worldwide, especially as these elastic sealants not only fill the joint but additionally seal and bond similar and dissimilar substrates simultaneously.

The task of elastic bonding is to join, to waterproof, to dampen sound, to insulate and to prevent galvanic corrosion. These are all properties strongly associated with the marine environment, particularly in the manufacture and repair of ships, boats and yachts.
Sikaflex® elastic bonding/sealing systems allow for:
  • Joining of similar and dissimilar materials
  • Wider production tolerances
  • Prevention of galvanic metal corrosion
  • Compensation for variable rates of thermal expansion
  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • Elimination of localised stresses
  • High shear and peel strengths
  • Freedom of design
  • Savings on custom-made seals and gaskets
  • Simultaneous assembly andsealing operation
  • Overpaintability
  • High resistance to tear
  • Simple one-component, humidity-curing system
  • Prevention of deformation of metals due to thermal joining processes (welding, etc.)
  • Two-component and fast-curingversions for high initial strength and fast handling
  • Weight- and cost-saving options
  • Availability in all consistencies from fluid to non-sag
  • Prevention of damage to the substrate, unlike with welding, drilling or riveting systems
  • Joining of painted components
  • High durability for a long service life
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Proven resistance to seawater and extreme climate conditions
  • Distortion-free joining
  • Flexible manufacturing procedures
  • High-impact resistance
No single adhesive will meet all requirements and few surfaces are completely ideal for bonding,hence Sika manufacture a comprehensive range of adhesive and primer systems specifically for marine applications. If your requirement is not covered in this handbook or you need details of a local supplier, pleasecontact Sika for further advice.