Project Manager Responsibilities

Project ManagementA project manager is the person who has the overall responsibility for the success of projects. Below is responsibilities list for a project manager.

* Manage the project taking into account integration across all areas.

* Engage with stakeholders.

* Develop Project Plan.

* Direct project resources.

* Monitor and manage the project schedule.

* Monitor and manage the project budget.

* Monitor and manage the project risk.

* Deal with operational issues.

* Organise steering committee meetings, including ensuring that minutes will be taken.

* Report to the steering committee, raising strategic issues.

* Prepare Project Status Reports and Project Change Requests for the steering committee.

* Ensure project meets requirements and objectives .

* Manage project team members.

* Negotiate and resolve issues as they arise across areas of the project and where they impact on other activities, systems and projects.

* Look after the interests of the project team.

* Organise and chair project reference group meetings, as appropriate.

* Communicate project status to project sponsor, all team members, and other relevant stakeholders and involved parties .

* Maintain project documentation.

Additional important remarks, in order to be successful, the project manager must be given support and authority by senior management.