Offshore Jobs

Do you want to get offshore jobs? Yes, this is really hot jobs recently. Most offshore Jobs opportunities in the oil industries are based on entry level positions and the applicants already has gained basic knowledge or skill.

The test for entering offshore jobs usually can range from general, written technical aptitude test, interview, and sometime to general operation of oil offshore equipments. As we know that there are frequently room for advancement for those who work hard and learning what they need to know by being taught on the job.

Entry level of offshore jobs salaries, with some years experiences, could range from $50,000 to $80,000 per year. Further, if you are more technical and professional on offshore jobs experience, the range increases quite high.

However, while the pay is very good compare with others, but most of the work is physically very hard. And while you are working on offshore jobs, you can expect to receive good field bonus range from US$ 50 ~ 200 per day, and also high quality food and accommodation as part of your salary. And also, the accommodation in living quarters of many oil offshore rigs are comparable to quality hotels.

And this is your turn. Apply for now a vacancy of offshore jobs. Wish you a best luck.