Mosaic Flooring Design

Mosaic Floor Design

A mosaic is an art form using small pieces of colored stones, tiles, or glass to render an artful design. A mosaic design is one that may consist of geometric patterns, or fractal patterns, that is, geometric patterns that repeat at different scales. Mosaics may also have no pattern at all and look like a piece of modern art that has the appearance of an accident. Mosaics are characterized by the diversity of tiles laid together, although simpler designs may also be considered mosaic if the tiles are small and alternate in color throughout the design. Mosaics may also represent forms and figures, but such representations cross over into the definition of a mural.

Mosaics can be placed on floors using small ceramic tiles. Mosaic tile flooring is truly an art. If you have an artistic bent, you might try your hand at designing and laying mosaic tile flooring yourself. Your first step will be to create your design on paper. This step takes some time. For many frustrated or latent artists, this step is the most enjoyable part of creating mosaic tile flooring. It’s a good excuse to get those art supplies you had often wished you had a practical need to use. Those who aren’t very artistic need not fret. You don’t necessarily need to draw and color or paint the design. You could first find pictures of tiles that appeal to you and duplicate these. Then you could arrange these pictures according to your sense of design, into what your final design would look like. Even those who will be drawing their own design would do well to sample tiles and select those which appeal to them. Unless you’re going to make ceramic tiles yourself, which can be done, you’ll be using commercial tiles for your mosaic. Once you’ve completed the design for your mosaic tile flooring, it’s time to go shopping. If you didn’t create your design with specific tiles in mind, you’ll have to search for tiles most closely matching your design pieces. Be flexible enough to change your conception if you can’t find exactly what you envisioned. Again, if you’re really into it, you can have your design tiles made by a potter or get your own kiln and make ceramic tiles yourself!

Manufactured mosaic tile flooring can also be purchased as a mesh of tiles in which the tiles are pasted onto a mesh that can easily be laid in large squares on the floor. Installing meshed ceramic tile is much easier than setting each tile individually.

Whether you’re installing meshed tile or setting each piece individually, you’ll first have to prepare the floor. You’ll remove the current floor covering and even the concrete beneath. If the floor isn’t concrete, you’ll have to either lay concrete or lay concrete backed boards. Once the floor is prepared, you’ll start laying the tile. Do a section at a time. You’ll be working off of your design.  You can simplify this by numbering each set of tiles and creating a diagram using the numbers to specify which tile is to be set at which positions. Study how to set tile in more detail. You can find many good, short tutorials on the net.

Creating your own mosaic tile flooring can be a joy both in the creating and in the appreciation of the results. Give your artistic side a treat. Bathroom floors, kitchen floors, laundry rooms, and patios can be your canvas. These beckon you, ‘Come beautify me’, and let the artist in you run free!