High Movement Capacity Joint Sealant For Waste Water Treatment Plant using Sikaflex PRO 3WF

Use of 1 component permanent elastic polyurethane sealant for sealing of joints in contact with chemically aggressive effluents using Sikaflex PRO 3WF.

Fields of Application
Sealing vertical and horizontal expansion joints of concrete structure that exposed to certain chemical exposure and need permanently tight seals e.g. waste water and sewage treatment plants with domestic sewage.
Sikaflex PRO 3WF : 1-component sealant based on polyurethane with good mechanical and chemical resistance
Sika Primer 3 : Primer for Sikaflex applied either on damp or dry substrate.
Materials Consumption
Sikaflex PRO 3WF : approx. 100 ml or 130 g/m1 for 10 mm x 10 mm joint
Sika Primer 3 : approx. 5 g/m1 for 10 mm x 10 mm joint
Joint Configuration
Movement Capacity = 20 % of average joint width
Width : depth ratio = 1 : 1 (for joint width up to 10 mm)
Width : depth ratio = 2 : 1 (for joint width more than 10 mm)
Min. width of joint = 10 mm