A Guide to Outdoor Chairs and Tables

Spring is here and summer just around the corner. After the long, cold dark winter months, it’s great when the blossoms and bulbs start to appear. It rings in the warmer weather and reminds people to tidy up barbecue areas and outdoor living spaces that generally do need sprucing up. You may find an upgrade is in order with your outdoor chairs and tables having seen better days, so here are a few ideas that may help you go about it.


Summer and the great outdoors – picnics and barbecues

What Kind of Outdoor Furniture Fits Your Lifestyle?

If you’re family loves spending as much time outside when the summer finally arrives, then you may want to think about comfy outdoor chairs. There’s nothing nicer than lounging around a garden when the weather is fine. Think about what sort of material would suit your property. Metal outdoor furniture is very practical and needs less maintenance, but then wooden furniture looks so stylish even if it does mean taking more care of it – but there are other choices too.

Wooden Outdoor Chairs & Tables

Wooden garden furniture definitely adds warmth and a natural style to an outdoor space. There’s a great choice of woods around these days, including teak, cedar, eucalyptus, oak and pine to name just a few of the most popular ones. There are certain woods which are lower maintenance than others because they contain natural oils – teak being one of them. These oils naturally protect the wood in extreme temperatures as well high humidity.iron

Wrought iron and plants look so good together

Wicker: Stylishly Fashionable

Wicker garden furniture makes for a rustic and country feel to an outdoor space. It is a versatile and extremely lightweight material with much of the garden furniture around these days being made out of rattan, cane or bamboo. The furniture is usually comes in more natural/neutral colours which means it fits in well with any outdoor décor and looks great when placed with pot plants around a patio.

Aluminium: Ultra-Modern Fast Living Look

Garden furniture made out of aluminium offers a streamlined, contemporary look to an outdoor space of an ultra-modern house. It’s hard wearing and sturdy as well as being very low maintenance.

Wrought Iron: Traditionally Hard Wearing

Wrought iron garden furniture has a certain cachet about it that’s very traditional and stylish. It’s an ideal choice of material if you happen to live in an area that tends to be windy at times because it is so very heavy. However, wrought iron garden furniture does need looking after because if you don’t, then be prepared for a little rust and corrosion.

Mixed Materials: That Eclectic Look

There’s nothing stopping you from choosing outdoor tables and chairs made out of mixed materials so you get that really eclectic style you’ve always wanted. You can even choose to mix up different designs too. This allows you to create your own unique looking outdoor space. Think about buying a stylish teak table and mix it with some classy wrought iron chairs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, think about designing your own garden furniture and then getting it made. You won’t get more unique than that and it’s oh, so very bespoke! Checkout the BoConcept website for some ideas.


Spending as much time outside as possible is glorious when the weather is fine. Creating an outdoor living area can be fun and you can draw inspiration from loads of places these days.

Making it a comfortable and relaxing area in a garden means finding the right kind of outdoor tables and chairs to suit not only your home but your lifestyle too.

Image credits: Wickerfurniture and mikecogh