Guide to Laying Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tiling Works

For many people who decide to do remodeling independently, they will probably need more solid directions than they would if they got someone else to do it. This specific article will focus on doing your own ceramic tile work.

To install ceramic tile in your bathroom, the most important thing you can do is plan the entire job before you start working. You have to know the area to be tiled, the dimensions of the tile, the pattern of the tile, and whether it is suitable. Getting all this information will go far when you determine how much you will need to shell out. Together with having the perfect tile, you will also need to figure out whether you need mortar or grout.

If you’ve got everything accurately planned out and calculated, then it gets easier from this point on. If you are on a tight budget, you will need to go searching to find the best value for what you will invest. You should be strict with your budget and not get enticed to get the fancier tiles that cost more. Expenditures can get out of hand quickly if you don’t stay within your budget, mostly if you fall in love with something which may just be out of range. It isn’t really complicated to locate the right tile because you can get a lot of information on the Internet. Don’t forget to examine the tiles in different light, before you make your final decision.

If you have planned everything out and found the tile that you want, now you are ready to do some real work. To make sure that the project ends up well, and remains for a long time, surface preparation is quite crucial. All the areas to be tiled need to be prepared thoroughly. You may be tiling the wall surfaces, or the floor, but in either case the surface has to be level, must be smooth, and will need to be primed or water proofed. You have to make sure that your surface is well prepared in order that tiling will go smoothly. Preparation of the floor is possibly the most important part of the actual tiling. This is presumably where a lot of do-it-yourself workers get it wrong, and why their job falls apart.

After you have prepped your floor, you will be ready to lay the tile. With a little practice, you will find that installing tile is not that difficult. It will get a little messy so make sure that precautions are made to protect the rest of the house. Be sure you have on safety goggles whenever you cut tile and be sure the surface is kept clean. As long as you primed the surface properly, you will find that setting the tile will go very smoothly. To maintain an even distance between the tiles, you need to utilize a spacer and a level. As soon as the tiles are properly adhered to the surface, you can go ahead and put on some finishing touches.

If you will use grout to finish, you will need to spread it utilizing a rubber trowel and wipe the application off with a cotton cloth. Be sure each of the breaks are filled and you are almost done.