Cementitious Grouting of Machine Bases and Base Plates

Machin Base Plate Grouting

This method statement describes the step by step procedure for grouting filling voids under machine bases and base plates using a cement based grout.

 Before Application

Working space shall be clean and tidy with no obstructions. Record the substrate, ambient temperature and relative humidity. Check pot life information on bag or in the product data sheet and allow for climatic conditions e.g. high / low temperatures & humidity. External applications shall be adequately protected. Do not apply grout in direct sun, windy, humid or rainy conditions, do not apply grout if there is a risk of frost within 24 hours in unprotected areas. Make sure blow holes are not obstructed and can allow the escape of air. Calculate the required volume for the application. Using the equation in section 10 of this method statement, calculate the consumption of the product and make sure there is enough material on job site for the work.

Pouring Application

Grout shall be poured immediately after mixing into prepared openings (within 15 minutes to optimise expansion properties). Make sure air displaced by the grout can escape easily. Pour the grout through the “mouth” of the formwork allowing the material to flow to the opposite end. Always maintain sufficient pressure head while pouring. Ensure a process of continuous pouring to avoid air entrapment and prevent the grout flow from coming to a stop before the grouting operation is completed.

Keep pouring until the grout is up to the top of the base plate. This will force the material to the underside of the baseplate and achieve an effective bearing area without any voids. Always pour grout from opposite ends to any blow holes. Never grout from two places on the same application as it will be difficult to determine if the entire void under the base plate has been filled. Depending on the size of the application, it may be necessary to “rod” the grout with a thick chain help the grout flow. Keep any visible and exposed grout surfaces as small as possible and protect from premature drying by curing with an appropriate method. Do not vibrate the formwork.


Protect the fresh material from premature drying. Cure exposed area with proper curing methods for 3 days or spray with appropriate curing compound once the grout starts to stiffen. Suitable curing covers include jute and water, plastic sheets or other suitable membranes.