Grand Buildings and Gorgeous Windows Designs

Windows DesignLiving in ideal as well as extremely luxurious homes is a dream of everyone; especially this tendency is rich in females than the men. Do you know real meaning of ideal homes? Surely! You have listened about it a number of times, but you are still unaware of actual purpose of this word. All those houses will be called the luxurious that keep proper installation of utilities, attractive sketch, design, well equipped in all niches, furnished with excellent skills and precious or expensive material that has been used in making or decorating these homes. No doubt that the windows are essential parts of houses. Actually the casement is available in hundreds of designs, formats and sizes which are manufactured for different homes.

For grand and durable buildings the popular windows must be used which are purely made of expensive wood and windowpanes. Some very famous designs and shapes of these casements are explained below for coaching of those who are going to build up their houses.

  • Casement that is fixed at one end while it remains open at the other end. In such type of portholes the windowpanes are used so that dust and rain drops can be prevented out.
  • Awning casement that is opened at the bottom end and it remains fixed at upper edge. Such types of casements are usually installed or placed for exchange of fresh and warm air so that room temperature can be maintained properly.
  • Specialty round glass window that is mostly closed from all around and it keeps galls in circular form. This type of casement is just for decoration of the houses and not for any physical purpose.
  • Gliding porthole that can be remove from one side to the other by sliding the whole pane or arm of window. It can be moved any direction with same mechanism. In most of the British towns this type of casement has been used, especially in Royal houses that were in use of Kings and Queens.
  • Picture frame window that is installed with exact dimensions of the whole or space kept empty. In such windows mostly the glasses are fixed that create massive resistance against rain and dust particles.
  • Bow and bay is another famous category of house windows that come to existence by joining or combining two or more arms of casements in such a way that the main face of these portholes remains outward to homes.