Construction Estimator Jobs

Construction EstimatorWhat does a construction estimator do

Construction estimators negotiate contracts and prepare estimated construction prices based on architect’s drawings, the amount of employees needed for the job and also the amount of construction materials required. A construction estimator takes responsibility for calculating quotes and proposals for the company¬† and making sure that these proposals offer a good return on investment for the employer.

Construction estimator’s responsibilities

Construction estimators can be responsible for estimating everything from the cost of construction equipment to how long the project will take to complete. All of these elements will be taken into account to calculate a final estimated figure for the cost of the project. Although much of the job is office based, estimators are required to liaise with architects, clients, surveyors and a whole range of construction staff. Visiting and negotiating with clients, colleagues and other key industry members can help you to accurately forecast construction costs.

Qualifications needed for Construction estimator Job

Most employers look for construction estimators who have degrees in a relevant area which covers estimating skills such as construction management or construction science. During these courses or as a part of post graduate training, you should have the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge of the construction industry including construction materials, costs and procedures. Having a background or post graduate training in maths will also help you with the data analysis side of the job and allow you to make judgements based on the data you collect. Having advanced skills in computer data analysis is also important especially if you have worked with specific estimation software packages. Excellent communication skills are a must as you will interact with many different people at all levels in the industry.

Job Experience is an advantage for construction estimator job

If you have a background in a relevant degree then you should gain some experience from this however estimators receive a lot of training on the job, particularly as each business will have its own specific process for estimating. You will be likely to shadow an experienced estimator on the construction site and in the office and assist them with their work while you enhance your experience and learn new skills.

Development opportunities  with construction estimator career

If you want to stay in your existing role then development opportunities usually come in the form of opportunities to work on higher value and more prestigious projects, higher pay levels and progression into a more senior position. Other options include working on a freelance or temporary basis on long or short-term contracts.