Concrete coating in Hydro Power Plants

Hydro Power PlantIn the various and complex building structures composing a hydro power plant project, it is not unusual that concrete (or steel) must be coated.

Concrete must be coated in order to be waterproof or to provide high abrasive surface resistance. In certain case coating must be decorative coating.

For instance, Inertol Poxitar F – 2 components epoxy/coal tar base, will be used to protect either steel or concrete against abrasion flow (e.g. penstock lining).

Concrete or steel that need a protective coating suitable for contact with drinking water should be coated with SikaTop Seal 107 – 2 components flexible waterproofing slurry will be used as an internal or external waterproofing coating.

Powerhouse facilities as building will require a decorative and efficient flooring system.
Owing to its Sikafloor range, Sika is offering suitable flooring system for the following requirement for instance :

• Abrasion resistance (low – medium – high)
• Chemical resistance (low – medium – high)
• Impact resistance
• Antistatic flooring

Products range for protective coating and flooring coating:

Products Description Main use
InertolPoxitar F Heavy-duty coal tar epoxy coating for steel and concrete. Suitable for damp substrate. Good abrasion resistance.
SikaTop Seal 107 Flexible protective and waterproofing slurry For external and internal waterproofing.  Suitable in contact with potable water.