Bulldozer – A Powerful Earth Moving Equipment

BulldozerA bulldozer is known as a very powerful crawler which has a sharp blade.  Any heavy machine can be called as a bulldozer but specifically, it is used for a tractor having a dozer blade fitted in it.

These bulldozers are often very large and very powerful machines or vehicles. Their tracks hold them through very rough land and they also give them amazing power of mobility. Wide tracks of bulldozer help to distribute the weight of bulldozer in a wide area and thus, these bulldozers are prevented from sinking because they can easily sink into sandy lands due to their heavy weight. A muddy ground can also be a problem for such a heavy vehicle but this problem is also avoided by its wide dozer.

Bulldozers can be used to remove very heavy objects from the ground or push these heavy objects away from the ground. This is due to the great dragging ability of bulldozers and this ability is developed the great ground hold and torque divider force of bulldozers. Due to these two abilities, bulldozers can drag very heavy objects.

Caterpillar D9 is a type of bulldozer which can move a tank of 70 tons on the ground and it is a great example of its dragging ability. Bulldozers are used for many purposes and these purposes are clear shrubberies, obstacles, and remains of many ruined buildings and structures.

The blade:

A very heavy piece of metal plate installed in the front of a bulldozer which is called a blade. This blade is used for pushing many things around and these blades come in three types which are mentioned below:

  • A straight blade which is used for grinding things and it is short having no side wings and no lateral curve.
  • There is another blade named as a U-blade or the universal blade. This blade is much curved and very tall. It also has very large side wings which are used for carrying a lot of material around.
  • There is also a blade known as a combination blade and it is shorter and has very small side wings and less curvature, but it has all of these things present.


Bulldozers are being used for a long time and for many different purposes. The new bulldozers have evolved in very different ways. This is due to the structural and functional modifications that they have become very different from the old bulldozers. The example of this modification is that the old loader tractors were made after removing the blade and placed a large hydraulic arm. This hydraulic arm was used to rise and lower the bucket. This was used to scoop the earth in order to fill the trucks. This means that this tractor was used for loading trucks.

A great structural modification in tractors is that they are made very smaller as compared to the original ones and their size have allowed them to operate in many working conditions. They can be used in many caves and tunnels because in these places, the area for movement is very small. Calf dozers are very small bulldozers.


Farm tractors used for plaguing fields, are the base for development of large bulldozers. These tractors were attached with a lot of things to many operations like raise earth dams, dig canals , excavate foundation and many other earth moving jobs. Then the metal plate was named as blade and then this blade became the heart of bulldozer. These bulldozers got bigger and more powerful with the passage of time. It has better engines and best manufacturer brand of bulldozers is “CAT.” Bulldozers have become the most useful machines over the time.