Bridge Expansion Joint Grouting

Bridge Expansion Joint Installation

Scope of work:

Sikagrout is a fixing mortar for bridge maintenance works or new bridge joint bedding/fixing

Advantages of the system:

Bridge Joint Installing– Very good application properties
– Good adhesion to concrete and asphalt
– Can be extended with additional clean aggregates for large volume bedding work
– Excellent strength


Sikagrout 214-11: Cement-base non-shrink grout
Sikadur 732: Epoxy-base bonding agent

Application Procedure

The road joint grouting will be done after the ’’Bridge expansion joint’’ installation in accordance with the supplier specification.

Substrate Quality: The substrate must be structurally sound and free of all dirt, loose and friable particles, laitance, oils and grease or other contaminants. Remove all dust and debris from the substrate area using compressed air and/or water jet.
Substrate Preparation: The substrate must be thoroughly pre-dampened but ensure there is no standing water on the surface prior to application.
Mixing: ~ 3.75 L of water / bag of 25 Kg. Mix with a low speed electrical mixer (max. 500rpm) and stirring paddle.
Application: Pour the mortar after mixing in one time. Ensure a continuous flow of mortar. For large volume, it’s recommended to add clean aggregates with the Sikagrout, e.g. 4 / 8 mm or 8 / 16 mm, with a ratio of 1/ 0.5 by weight. (1 bag of 25 Kg of Sikagrout + 12.5 Kg of aggregates)

Curing: Cure exposed area with proper curing method.

In case of application by layers, it’s recommended to get a ’’broom’’ (rough) surface finishing between these layer to increase the adhesion. If a monolithic result is requested, a bonding agent like Sikadur 732 will be applied between each layers of grouting.