Breaking the Secret Code in Construction

Building PermitBefore you start on summer projects a little research needs to be done. You may have already planned the deck, addition, garage or whatever the project may be and have plans to follow. There is a chance you already have spoken to contractors about the work if not doing it yourself. There is an important piece of research that needs to be completed before moving forward. Have you checked your locality for permit requirements and building codes?

Building Permits

Different areas vary substantially in what you can do without needing a specific permit to do the work. In some areas something as simple as a small pre-fabricated garden shed needs a permit to put up. For work done at home or inside your home a lot of people decide they will not worry about a permit. This can be a big mistake. If you are hiring professionals to perform any of the work, or end up needing to at some point no professional is going to do it without the permits in place. If they say they will you need to question if they are actually professionals.

Not applying for the permits ahead of time can cause delays and additional expenses later. Many places need at least a few days to issue a permit and some places can get a backlog of 2-3 weeks in the busy seasons. If you need to cancel work or delay it waiting for a permit or pay an express fee that is just money gone with no return.

If you are unsure if you need a permit then make some calls or go to the Town/City Office and ask. In addition to the permits you will also be able to get some needed guidance on extra rules to follow.

Building Codes

It is almost impossible to think of a project that does not have applicable building codes that must be followed. Part of this is often getting a seal of approval on your plans or blueprints for the project to begin with. Failing to follow the code because you have always done it differently would be a huge mistake. In addition to potential fines if inspected and even order to demolish the project, many insurance companies will not pay if a problem ever arises in the future and it is found something was not to code.

It is not actually a secret code at all- it just seems like that if you did not ask and therefore do not know. These codes include things like specific materials and techniques used in construction and sometimes even what tools or equipment must be used to meet or measure the requirement. Knowing this upfront allows you to purchase the correct building materials the first time or go to a place like Swift Trading industrial tool supplier ahead of time to get the items needed and avoid future headaches.