How to Use 0845 Numbers

0845 numbers

0845 number is a prefix used by Nationwide for the major lines for customer contact. It is meant to offer help to members in addition to enhancing the services that are offered to them. When Nationwide utilizes 0845 numbers in management of calls, customers are able to speak to another person faster. 0845 are useful in rerouting of calls following the closure of a local branch. The aim is to provide a service that is more consistences and help in controlling expenses. This prefix is used by many other organizations regardless of being in the financial sector with the key reason being manageability and customer service.

Unlike some utility firms, 0845 number is not used by Nationwide to generate money through revenue sharing. Some of the utility companies have received criticism previously. Most of the questions that have been raised are about 0870 being used widely compared to 0845. When you use 0870 in calling it is costly compare to using the 0845. 0845 number is cheaper because of being charged the same way a local call from a landline in UK would be charged.

If 0845 number is called using a landline, many of the customers are charged the same as a local call would cost whenever they contact Nationwide. The reason is that how much you pay for 0845 landline call is not influenced by the geography. The cost does not change regardless of the location in the UK that you are making the call from. Therefore as you travel within UK or when living away from a local branch, the costs that you pay will not be more.

Your service provider determines how much you pay when you call 0845 numbers using landline. During the day, you will pay 4p per minute according to BT charges. During the weekend and evening, the charges drop to about 1p per minute. It is important to note that most individuals that select their telephone provider as BT benefit from 0845 call that are free included in the package.

To call 0845 number using a mobile phone costs you more and is not considered in the package for “free minutes”. Therefore when mobile bills are received, the cost incurred with such a call stands out. When calling to this prefix number you will pay between 20p and 30p per minute. However, the financial benefit is not to Nationwide but to companies for mobile phones.